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First of all, I consider myself a storyteller

I have been 30 years portraying very diverse realities and events, in different fields of documentary creation. Putting my gaze at the service of large Institutions, Corporations, Media and artistic or cultural scenarios. And my goal has always been to be able to immortalize for you a piece of the reality that happens on the other side of my camera.
The Art2share Project was born with deep enthusiasm to continue sharing stories with which we identify, that say a lot about ourselves, and that allows us to transmit to others a message impregnated with values, beliefs, dreams, and hopes. Therein lies the true power of a Great Story. The story of your life.
And we wanted to do it in a very special way. Combining talent, art, and technology so that you can share with others your unique way of looking at the World.
It is a pleasure to welcome you to this space to share art.