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«A story that will accompany you throughout your life»

Each photo tells a story and the most fascinating thing about photography does not lie in framing it, portraying it, and immortalizing it; but in sharing it. Well, the stories live in our imagination, in our emotions, and in our particular way of looking at the world around us.

With this purpose # art2share was born. With the aim of sharing with you and the people around you the stories behind a very special photograph. A story that will follow you wherever you go, that will decorate the walls of your home and that will spread its spirit and values ​​to those who enjoy it visually.

A unique photograph, an exclusive t-shirt, a QR code, and a new way of sharing Art.

Select a photo with which you identify yourself, that whispers an accomplice message to you or that for some reason awakens your senses. Take it with you in an exclusive t-shirt, receive it framed to decorate the walls of your home, and share the story behind the snapshot with whoever you want.

That story will join you throughout your life.

A photograph for your home, an exclusive t-shirt, a QR code, a story that will follow you